Something Old…Nothing New!

The quest for something I haven’t heard before has been going on as far back as I can remember.

While my classmates were listening to Led Zeppelin I was listening to The Incredible String Band.  When workmates were getting into the newly arrived punk scene I was drifting happily (and backwards) into the trippy grooves of The Grateful Dead.  While I may have been well out of musical sync with my friends it had the plus side of me never having to lend out my precious albums. Continue reading “Something Old…Nothing New!”

Rip it Up (and start again)!

There is nothing more scary than the pristine white emptiness of a blog’s first post.

It’s been a while since I was churning out my thoughts in the various incarnations of “Where the Fatdog Walks” in what now seems a previous life.  I found it easier to write in those days.  Maybe it was the endorphin rush of reaching all those mountain summits that kept me on a constant high…or maybe I have just become that wee bit lazier in my advancing years. 😎

Continue reading “Rip it Up (and start again)!”

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All you wished you had forgotten about your music choices

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