Rip it Up (and start again)!

There is nothing more scary than the pristine white emptiness of a blog’s first post.

It’s been a while since I was churning out my thoughts in the various incarnations of “Where the Fatdog Walks” in what now seems a previous life.  I found it easier to write in those days.  Maybe it was the endorphin rush of reaching all those mountain summits that kept me on a constant high…or maybe I have just become that wee bit lazier in my advancing years. 😎

To those of you who visited “wherethefatdogwalks” (and its other incarnations) I would like to say “Hello again!” and also a big thank you for the support. Our various “limitations” (both mine and the dogs) have increased over the past few years making a return to the hills now very unlikely. Having said that I’ve always been keen to keep writing a blog but could never quite find a concept that captured my imagination enough to make it worthwhile…until now.

A month back J and I visited the “Rip it Up” exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh which took a look at pop music in Scotland from the 1950s to present day. As I started along a large wall covered in LP album covers of “Scottish” artists I kept muttering…

“Have that one!
“Ah…think I have that one…or did at some point.”
“Oh…he’s Scottish? Hmm, never knew that.”
“Oh yes…have that one…wish I didn’t!”

…and so on.

It was a pretty inspiring exhibition which prompted me into look a bit deeper into what had been the Scottish music scene over the past few decades. One thing led to another and over the past month or so I’ve been rooting around in both my CD collection and Spotify, sometimes listening to new music, sometimes delving into my extensive back catalogue.

The more I delved the more I realised that my musical past was prompting corresponding memories from my own past, the two being inextricably linked.  As a result I’ve spent the past month tossing around ideas to make sure the concept would be entertaining enough and had enough staying power to make it a long term project.

I have to admit that the thought of creating a blog with music as its backbone is more than a little daunting.  All the music you hear in the blog will have been tracks I have played, owned or have (most regrettably) been imposed upon me throughout my lifetime.  Yep…that’s a whole lot of tracks.

In retrospect I wish I had included music in the previous blogs as it was always a big part of any day out.  Normally there would be a couple of hours driving to and from the hills in which The Fatdog had to endure my current musical whim.

In the early hillwalking days I would fill the last few minutes to the parking spot by turning up the volume on the CD player and selecting Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” from the Bullet in a Bible album.

A strange choice you are thinking?   Given the normal churning doom-laden Scottish skies it seemed a fitting reminder that I was about to head off into the wild with only an overweight black Labrador for company…a fact I should always keep in mind if I hoped to return in one piece.  If you prefer you can sing along with the rest of the crowd.


I have to admit that once I had a few hills under my belt I became a little bit less pessimistic,  possibly reflected in my more upbeat musical choice.

But, on the other hand, maybe that choice of track was more down to my permanently aching legs!


15 thoughts on “Rip it Up (and start again)!

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    1. Hi Helen glad to see you found your way here! It’s only taken me about 6 years to come up with a fresh idea – after a few dismal attempts to re-brand the old blog. I am not sure whether you will find this a “musical education” or not but one thing is certain; after a few visits you will most certainly be wondering “why…just why?”

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  1. Good to know that there’s life in the old dog(s) still. At present still trying/attempting the odd hill pulled up now by the current Husky!
    No Proclaimers please otherwise it should be an interesting education!!

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    1. Now, I have to guess! First choice at anonymous is always Mr. P – the main reason being he can never work out how to sign in. Having said that I’m not sure if I have set up that aspect of “comments” correctly so I have to take that into account. Main problem is the words Mr P and Husky do not normally appear in the same sentence so…oh dear….can’t be sure. It’s such a worry! No matter – I may have to drop my 16 proposed posts on the Proclaimers though if that is liable to be the normal reaction. 🙂


    1. Thanks David…good to be back…if in another guise. It’s a while since I have attempted to negotiate the blogosphere. It’s been so long that I found I had was doing battle with a new WordPress editor. That was fun.

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  2. Good to read you again, Ken! Funnily enough I “bumped into” Edwyn Collins in a toilet in Dornoch a few weeks ago, but couldn’t remember his name at the time, although I was humming “Rip it up” and “I never met a girl like you before”, for days afterwards. Very frustrating, as I had seen a documentary about his life a year or so ago…

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    1. Great to hear from you Ian! I had hoped your parents would have warned you about talking to strangers in toilets but it seems no harm done this time. It seems life is full of little coincidences. I think I have had ‘Rip it up” going through my head too since seeing the exhibition of that name in the Chambers Street museum.


  3. I too enjoyed looking at that wall of album covers – Took a few sneaky pics as well so that I could work them out when I got home!

    Yes, music and memories are inextricably linked aren’t they, and I’ve certainly enjoyed journeying back in time over the last few years recounting the tales of my youth.

    A new direction for you it seems but hopefully you will enjoy it.

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    1. Hi Alyson, thanks for dropping by. I can’t believe how many little snippets of events (music related) have come to mind since I began thinking about this blog. Comes with advancing years…now the only problem is remembering what I just remembered . 🙂

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