The War of Musical Attrition

Cap’n Jack said:

“Why don’t we have a music evening.”

What he meant was:

“Why don’t we have a drinking evening” (and play one or two music tracks to justify the evening’s grandiose title).

Since the demise of our hillwalking adventures with the Fatdog, opportunities for a get-together have been limited to our traditional family Sunday dinners. Excellent idea though. But just a minute…I’ve been there before! These evenings need RULES. Yes, RULES – with block capitals…and lots of them! If these events don’t have RULES they descend into a war of musical attrition, although some would justifiably dispute the accuracy of the word “musical”.

When I and four work colleagues had a similar idea many moons ago the first evening could be described as carnage. We all had the same idea…impress the others with our musical taste (or lack of it) irrespective of quality and with scant regard to the length of track!  After twenty three minutes of “A Plague of Lighthousekeepers” (Van Der Graaf Generator) I lost the will to live never mind listen to the next song.

Things did not improve much after that. We moved onto the wrist slitting strains of Joy Division closely followed by the ear splitting thrash metal of Slipknot. I retaliated by slipping in a suitably trippy Incredible String Band track which, given what had gone before, only accentuated the feeling that we had all lost the plot somewhere along the line and that we desperately needed a rethink and, more importantly, a much improved CD collection.

I wonder what Cap’n Jack had in mind when he made the suggestion? It couldn’t be as bad as I imagine – could it?

“Oh no…now I remember!”

“He based a fair chunk of his CD collection…

…on mine!





Ah…so you thought you’d escaped without a sample playlist from that music evening of years past did you –  ’fraid not.

You still there?  Hmm…maybe killing off the blog after only its second post wasn’t a terribly good idea on my part.  Oh well, look on the bright side, after that selection…


2 thoughts on “The War of Musical Attrition

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  1. Hi Ken
    Your post reminds me of the “rules” we used to apply to our bothy trips. (must reintroduce them)
    We would get 3 tracks each to play on a wee speaker thingie before passing onto the next person. Quite good fun and did stop folks hogging the music choice all night.
    I am however still mentally scarred by Hendos choice of Tony Christie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tony Christie…you poor souls…I would have made Hendo sleep outside! It is amazing how quickly these evenings can get out of hand. Unusually for me 🙂 – I did not exaggerate how horrendous that first evening was…we all came out shellshocked. Oddly we did humour one of the guys and we all trundled up to Glasgow to see Van Der Graaf Generator play – yep, it was bloody awful!


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