An Introduction

Welcome to 138 Stirling Street and to what could be loosely described as an anecdotal blog with a bit of music thrown in.

I rather fell over the idea after a visit to an exhibition dedicated to Scottish pop music.  The visit took place at a time when I had been gathering my thoughts on how I was going to collate and set out the mass of family history information I’d accumulated over the past number of years.  I suspect I was looking for a lighthearted diversion to put off the inevitable slog that would no doubt ensue. So, having successfully put the ancestors on the back burner (so to speak), I set about the rather more enjoyable task of figuring out how I could create a music orientated blog that wasn’t just a boring list of tunes but rather a story where the musical content provided the punctuation marks that held each fragment of my own past together.

Now in my mid-sixties I’m looking back through the years at the seemingly endless playlist that has been my life, the music weaving its way through various (mostly humorous) events that are still as clear in my head as if they were yesterday. I say clear…but that could be considered a slight exaggeration given that the memory of some is distorted by a gnawing uncertainty of whether I was actually there or not. But that was the 70s for you…a few beers and off to a concert.  For example; I am sure I saw Richard and Linda Thompson play in Edinburgh about the early-mid 70’s it’s just a bit…um…vague.

As the blog posts roll on you’ll discover my soundtrack is a somewhat varied one, in the main stretching from the 60s to the present day. Most music genres will appear at some point with some leaving you wondering why they were ever mentioned in the first place…and quite a number leaving you feeling that a few hours listening to a 20 minute continuous loop of the Alexander Brothers’ greatest hits (potential health and safety issue – no sound clip provided) would have indeed been a preferable experience.

Hopefully, as you read, you’ll begin to realise your own life has its particular soundtrack and long forgotten memories will resurface and bring a smile to your face.

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